About us

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If you do not own Android or iOS device you can use SteamDesktopAuthenticator for Windows

You will NEVER get your winnings if you have wrong tradelink in settings!

What is Skinhell?

Skinhell is a website where participating players can bet their CS:GO skins, the skins are deposited to our bot and entered into a raffle. Once there are enough skins or round time is up, script picks a random player which wins skins that have been deposited to the bot this round. The higher the value of the skins you bet, the bigger is your chance to win! Our bot will send you a trade offer almost immediately after you win!

We are one of the fairest jackpot sites.
Most of the jackpot sites are using the same bugged script, i.e. if you deposit two or more skins your chance to win can be the same as if you deposited only one of them, script just ignores price of other items.
We fixed this and a lot of other bugs to guarantee fair drawing.

Winner always get his items back!

What is Raffle?

First player who enters the pot gets one ticket in a raffle. The winner is chosen after reaching a certain number of tickets. Item is sent immediately after the draw.

How to play:
  • - Sign in with your Steam account.
  • - Add your trade link in settings (in order to receive skins you won).
  • - Click "Deposit items" and choose items you want to bet.
  • - Once your offer is accepted, your items will be put in the current round.
  • - Winner is chosen when there are 100 items in pool or time is up.
  • - To accept your winnings, press "Accept offer" in Steams trade menu.
Official Skinhell bots:

Bots or SkinHell staff will NEVER request any items from you!
Any trade offers requesting your items are scam!

Skinhell is not affilated with Valve or STEAM.